What is the Red Room?

At the age of five Jere Virtanen started playing football and picked 7 as his kit number. He’d seen Manchester United playing on TV a few times and one player especially made huge impression: Bryan Robson. 7 was Robson’s number and Jere has been supporting the club ever since.

It wasn’t long until Jere, now 34, turned his fandom into a full-blown obsession. As Jere hails from Finland, as a youngster it wasn’t that easy to go and see matches live. As an alternative outlet, Jere started to collect memorabilia.

By the time he was a teenager, Jere’s hobby had developed into a lifestyle. He now regularly travels to Manchester every season to watch games and share his love and passion with old players and fellow supporters. He’s also had the opportunity to travel around the world to meet other supporters at different events. From a few shirts and merchandise items, Jere has built a private collection of tens of thousands of items. As you can imagine, it’s one thing to collect Manchester United memorabilia in UK, but to build up a collection of this size in Finland takes dedication and a little craziness!

In 2018 Jere rented a 210m² space in the heart of Helsinki and started to build a unique museum with the help of his family and friends. Although it took a couple of years (Jere and his team weren’t going to compromise on the finished article!), the end result is truly worth the effort. There is now a unique and impressive private Manchester United museum in Finland’s capital. From match worn shirts to items from the early 1800’s, the collection is one of the most extensive in the world… and it keeps growing every day!

In an interesting twist to this hobby-turned-museum, Bryan Robson himself is travelling to Finland to officially open the museum, along with Wes Brown, Lee Martin and Ben Thornley. The event is going follow a dinner where people will travel around the world.

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